Oh the drama!

Head lice has been going around the girls' school. It is almost always going around the school but this year it has been in both of their classes. Rhayn's class has had at least 1 kid out a week because of it (it seems). The children are required to wear a hat when they are out at recess.

Tuesday I was joking around with a friend about lice, and how just hearing about it makes my head itch. And also how we hadn't dealt with it. Rhayn's hair is short, and Gwennie's is really light though it is thick. So I haven't worried about it.

But that afternoon my head itched- like uncontrollable itching. I had sliced my finger open on Sunday and it had been probably been 6 days since I had washed it. I figured that the itchiness was from dirty hair. So I scrubbed it clean and went about my business. But that night, it was still itchy, so I took a benadryl and went to bed.

Wednesday morning it was still itchy. By the afternoon I was obsessively looking at my head worrying about it. I started googling lice. I found quite a few teeny tiny little white specks attached to my hair in the front. And with embarrassment I asked Rhayn to check the back. She looked and said she thought she saw a bug and she saw a lot of the white specks.

Thursday I kept Gwennie (who shares a brush and sometimes bed with me) home. We went to the doctor that afternoon to check my head. I wasn't sure if it was lice but also I wasn't sure what I could use since I am nursing. The doctor pulled a white speck off of my hair and looked at it under a microscope- yes, lice. And she said I could use anything since they are topical. I also decided to get a flu shot. It didn't hurt then, but now it feels like I was punched in the arm and it is bruised.

I went to pick up Rhayn from school and ran into my pal, A. I told her what was going on and she offered to help me comb the irritants out of my hair. I picked up some lice stuff, and headed to her house. An hour and a half later we were done but I still had a head coated in the stuff.

We got home close to 6pm. All seemed well, I made dinner (heated up green chile) and then went to change over laundry, because I had been washing bed clothes to rid our beds of the pests. The floor in the laundry room was covered in 1/2 an inch of water.


Rhayn helped me clear out the laundry room while I coated Gwennie's hair in the lice stuff. The I coated hers and they "soaked" while I got out the wet/dry vac and started cleaning up the floor. When it was all cleaned up, I put 2 towels in and ran a light cycle. It started leaking under the washer. It is most likely fixable, but a few weeks ago it had stopped mid cycle with a full load in there I think we will be replacing it (and possibly the dryer which works, but does some weird things, too).

I think I held myself together pretty well last night, even though what I wanted more was to curl into a ball and bawl.

Its Friday now, and my laundry room, like the rest of my house, is in total disarray. I also have a migraine. What fun.

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Amie said...

OMG what a day you had! Holy toledo. Poor thing! Glad that's done, you held up like a trooper!

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