Gratitude Day 17- 21

Day 17- I am thankful for my sistah. I love that woman. She is amazing. Being 9 years apart was not good during out teen years (or mine teens actually, she wasn't a teen until I had my first baby at 23) but since we have become moms together, I feel a huge bond with her.
My sister and my youngest baby girls being held by my oldest, who just happens to be a little bit older than I was when my sister was born. I look at my girls and I see their adult friendships and love that they have each other.

Day 18- I am thankful that Will was able to get home by 5 on Friday so that he could attend a Lantern Walk at the girls' school. That made their day.

Day 19- I am grateful to my cousin, Hairball, who came up and went to see Breaking Dawn with me, and then went around as we joked about the more lame parts of the movie. Good times, and so nice even in we dragged my third arm along, she is cute, no? She thought that Breaking Dawn was, alright, but she really likes that the walls in the theater are soft. (Seriously she was giggling so loudly when she touched it.) She also enjoyed Jacob and the other wolves. Day 20- I am glad that the soccer season is over. Whew. I enjoy watching the girls play, but I am glad we won't have any more practices and we can have slow evenings.

Day 21- I am thankful that its Thanksgiving week. Only 2 1/2 days of school and then my favorite holiday, which we get to celebrate twice. I love food, friends, family.

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