Today all three of my lovely ladies had their pictures taken. The lady who does the school portraits also does sibling portraits in the morning. I look forward to seeing the final results.

Once again Natalie is ill. Maybe she never fully got over the last cold. She once again has sneezes and a runny nose (though it is clear) and fussiness. Over the weekend Natalie was so fussy we ended up giving her tylenol twice. She was teething, her gum swollen and red. Her tooth broke through on Sunday, and it is still slowly pushing up. It may be what is causing her irritation, but maybe not.

Last night it took a long while for me to fall asleep. Then Natalie kept waking up fussing. She wasn't fully waking up and didn't really want to nurse. It was more like whimpering. She is sleeping in my arms right now, and I am really hopeful that she will sleep well tonight and we will all wake up much happier tomorrow.

If not, no biggie because my day tomorrow is wide open during the school day. I am really looking forward to a day at home.

I ordered a doll kit from Weir Dolls to make Natalie a doll. I also need to get started on Christmas gifts if I want to make many handmade gifts. I suppose I should make a list of what I want to get done.

And as always I am trying to not dwell on our move.

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Amanda said...

I saw on facebook that you liked Weir Dolls' page. Which doll do you want to make? They made our Sue, and made most of the kit for Lucy.

Thanks for having us over today, I hope I wasn't too distracted-grouchy. You are a great distraction for me!

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