Weekly Gratitude

This week I am feeling grateful for
~finally getting down to what may very well be our new home a few weekends ago. Just going down there gave me a huge sense of relief about the prospect of moving.
~An oldest child who is such a huge help, this weekend without even being asked she took her baby sister upstairs and showed her the guinea pigs while Will and I did some (much needed) yard work.
~listening to Gwennie sing songs school softly while she plays.
~a baby with one new tooth and the ability to crawl. Look out world! She is coming to get you!
~friends and birthday parties, one that was celebrating the fall we aren't really feeling yet, and another that celebrated the never ending summer with a pool party in October.


Bodaat said...

can't wait to hear more about this possible move!

Amanda said...

I think that Pam had the right idea with the pool party!

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