Weekly Gratitude

Today I am grateful for
~Will. He was home this weekend. Though it was a crazy busy weekend, we didn't get to spend a lot of time together. It was just nice to have him home.
~spending time with my family. I don't see them much since we are always so very busy. Sunday we headed to their house to celebrate one of the grandkids' 2nd birthday as well as have 3 baby blessings, including Natalie's and I don't have any great pictures of her in her beautiful white dress. I love that my dad is able to bless her. And listening to JVA bless his boys was amazing. He, his wife and boys will be sealed in the temple soon and I know how happy that makes my parents. ~my sweet baby. She loves me best of all. Seriously. You have no idea. I'll get into that more when I write her 6 month newsletter (coming up far too soon!)
~these perfectly lovely mornings. I love the cool morning hours. Opening up the door and letting in the outside while I enjoy my morning rituals.

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Bodaat said...

look at those cute baby toes! i love baby toes!

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