Nicknames, again.

Blowing raspberries at you all!

As you may all know, I still don't love the name Natalie. I think its the way the "Na" sounds really nasally when some kids say it, it sounds like "nyah tlee". It bugs me. I can't really explain why. But I have been thinking of nicknames for her. Maybe if they called her "Nah tuh lee" I would be more ok with her name... I don't know.

I tried "yaya" but it didn't stick.
Then Naya, Nah Jah, Nalie, Nanny, Natty, Noni, and Lee Lee.

Nanny is the one that sticks the most. Lee Lee (though super cute) is way too close to our dog's name (Lily). Natty is the name of one of my high school chum's wife (and that is weird to me). Gwennie and I were reading a book tonight with the name Nan in it. I think I really like Nan. Its cute and short and sweet.

Why not Nana you ask? Well my sister has a beautiful little 1 year old girl named Savannah. Everyone calls her Nah nuh (like banana). They are too close in age and we spend a bit of time with her, so that is out.

When I was pregnant with Gwennie we liked the name Hannah. It was too far up on the popular names list, and I knew she was Gwennie, there was no other name for her. But I thought of Hannah for Natalie, too. It was still to popular for me, but Natalie is also quite popular. I hate that. I hate hearing her name everywhere we go. It is cool to see it on things, like pacifiers and water bottles.

Ugh. I know that even though I "knew" Gwennie was Gwennie, I had a hard time calling her that when she was little. (I've written that before.) So I guess I have hope that I will fall in love with the name Natalie.

But until then... maybe we can all call her Nan? And maybe it will stick. My little Nanny Nan Nan.


Amie said...

Try it! you might like it!

I think I've mentioned we were gonna nickname our Natalie "Tallie" :)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking "Tallie" as well! or maybe call her "Natalia" nuh-ta-lee-ah??

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