20 Weeks Old

Dear Nany,

I'm still searching for the perfect nickname for you. Right now we are calling you Nany (Nah nee). One of your big sister Rhayn's friends told me that Natalie doesn't "go" with Rhayn and Gwen. I know it doesn't "go". But its your name. I still think you look more like a Jadzia but that might be because I like that name more. Natalie is starting to grow on me more and more. You aren't crawling yet. (Whew!) But you roll all over the floor. I set you down and you will have rolled across the floor in a moment. You are fast. It makes you happy until you get stuck half under the couch. Just a minute ago you were stuck up against the ottoman. I really should keep the floor a little cleaner since you are rolling all over it AND picking up things to put in your mouth.

I found dog hair in your poop a few days ago. I am pretty sure you ate it and it made it all the way through you. Speaking of your poop, sweet girl, its mucousy. That link says its probably from a virus or teething. Makes sense. On Saturday you were so fussy. I could not put you down for more than 10 minutes before you would start crying again. I was extremely grateful for the wrap that day as we were having friends over for dinner and I needed to prepare food.

Back to your mad rolling skills, a few nights ago, after the bigs went to bed, we were watching some television. You were rolling around on the floor, talking a little. Then you weren't. You had fallen asleep and were quite happy about it.You still love your walker, and now your feet fully touch the floor. You don't take steps in it.
This is a picture of your freckle on your fat, left knee. Cute, no? Is it just me? I love to look at it.

Your sisters started school this week. Which means that in the mornings its just you and me. Today we went out and tried out some convertible car seats. There was only one that fit in our car properly so we ordered it in a pink and brown. Sure we could have gone with black or some other neutral color, but this is YOUR car seat. It will be with you for a long time and I spent a fair amount of money on it. Also I am embracing that you are a girl and that I have only girls. Its ok, things are pink and frilly. I read this article the other day about pink. She says she doesn't remember loving pink, but I do, I think my mom can attest to that. I remember loving pink and purple and being so happy to find things with unicorns on them, and sparkly? Oh man I loved sparkly. I was a girl through and through, but also? I loved mud and playing with my brothers. I can't wait to see what you are like. Because already I know that I love you immensely. You are also on the cusp of solid food. Ideally I would wait until you are a year old to introduce solids. Exclusively breast fed baby poop (again with the poop!) is so much easier to deal with. It stains but it doesn't smell too bad and its water soluble and comes out in the wash (since we do cloth diapers). But you really want food. In fact I've let you suck on a piece of cantaloupe, peach, and mango. You loved them all. Oh and yellow watermelon, too. I was eating some taco soup and let you have a lick off of the spoon. The main reason why I won't be feeding you solids just yet, is that you still can't sit up on your own. Its ok. Just another month and I am sure you will be spitting potatoes back at me.

But for now, I'll continue to let you taste my food while I make milk for you.

Your mama.

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