Bug had her first "meal" I was eating some mashed potatoes and she was watching me with her eyes all wide. She followed the spoon from the bowl to my mouth, her mouth open. So I gave her a tiny taste. But she still followed me, and the bites I gave her seemed to be swallowed, so I fed her more and more. Mind you, she has tasted some butternut squash, and some chutneys as well as sweet and sour sauce, but only a taste on the tip of a finger. This was like 10 bites, and she loved every morsel of it.

The whole time I was singing the mashed taters song.

This was the first time she got the hang of eating, usually anything we put in her mouth is pushed out by that tongue thrust reflex that babies have. I am sad that she wants to eat, but at the same time, its another milestone to celebrate!

**** I was totally going to wait until she was 6 months to feed her, but someone that CHUNKY! needs food, and she looks at all food with such awe, that we have given in to her. I did buy her organic baby food, and I have this really cool thing that you put regular food into and it has a grinder on the top that makes all food baby food. So I am ready for her to eat!- dacheese- you can get them at babiesRus, I'll check them out for you, its an awesome thing!

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