Big Smiles

I was bragging to someone the other day about how great a napper Natalie is. Ha. I so jinxed myself. Yesterday she only napped in the car or when I was holding her. One time I set her down and she slept for about 20 minutes. But I looked over and she was wide eyed and bushy tailed. Most of the time she wasn't fussing (thank goodness!) Usually she was doing this-Smiling. And cooing and talking to herself. Or maybe eating her hands.

Also, she laughed for the very first time when she was awake, she has laughed in her sleep a few times as well as crying in her sleep. Only it confused her. She laughed, then furrowed her brow and pondered the noise that has escaped her.

All day I could get her to sleep but as soon as I moved her or put her down, she'd just pop awake. At 9 pm she was still doing that. We lay down in bed and I was attempting to read (silly mama!). I finally turned off the light and within a few minutes she was asleep. She did fuss a little more than normal after falling asleep but she slept well all night long (eating a few times).

Today is looking the same. Its almost 11am and she has only taken a short nap while we were at the grocery store. She dozing off right now, so we'll see if she stays asleep when I put her down. I would love to sit here and hold her all day, but a mom has to eat and do laundry and... and... and. Most of her fussiness today has been diaper related. She does not care to be in a wet diaper nor does she like to sit in poop. This is good, though I wonder if its because of the type of diaper she is in. When a prefold is wet, it feels wet. The prefolds I have are all well loved and therefore quite soft, almost like a t-shirt.

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