Cloudy Days

It's nearly the end of May, right? I think Arizona didn't get that message today. We are looking out at a cloudy day with chilly breezes (chilly for Arizona, which means its in the low 70s right now.)

I love this. LOVE. THIS.

I want to live somewhere that the weather is nearly always like this. I don't want to have highs in the 110s or lows in the -20s. I want this, 60-70s with clouds and a breeze. Then again... seasons are nice. And I love a good tan (bla bla skin cancer bla bla. I know.)

Sitting near an open window, the breeze gently blowing, a hot cup of coffee (or hot cocoa or tea). Its perfection. It makes me want to knit and crochet and sew and create beautiful things. It makes me want to read a new book or an old favorite while snuggled up in a blanket. It makes me want to cuddle with my kids on the couch while we look at books.

Those are all things that I won't be doing a lot of this summer. It will be too hot to snuggle on the couch. I should try to enjoy this now, while I can.


lvh said...

It's cool and cloudy here today too. Warmed up to 65 yesterday so time to open up the windows and leave the door cracked to let the cat do whatever she wants to all night. The ground is still brown but grass is starting to grow a little and as I look out the window at all the birch trees, I see the leaves unfolding from the little buds that were on the branches. With pretty much 24 hours of daylight and a little warmer temperatures everything will be green before we know it.

Amie said...

It's been the best!!!

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