Good morning world, I guess.

Yesterday Yaya rolled over from her back to her front. She only did it once, but she showed me how she could almost do it a few more times.

Yaya is sick. Poor baby girl has a cold that is making her congested. Aside from her being miserable it means she isn't nursing very well. That means plugged ducts. Though according to every website, since I have a fever and body aches I actually have mastitis. I'll wait a day and see if it goes away or gets better with lots of nursing and rest. This happened a few times with Gwennie, too and she was a much more effective nurser.

Yesterday we were at my mom's house and since it was Sunday we went to church. Yaya was totally a pain in the tush while we were there. She is harder to nurse, so I used the Mother's Lounge (that room stinks and the chairs are NOT comfortable.) I was having a hard time getting her to latch on to the left side and she kept popping off, which meant I sprayed the room. I don't think I ever used that room with nursling Gwennie. I nursed her in public all of the time easily. Yaya? Not so much. And I refuse to use a cover. I have made myself some "nursing shirts" by cutting out triangles or circles around the breast on tank tops/camis and just wearing them under a scoop neck or v-neck t-shirt.

I noticed that I had a headache and was feeling a little achy at the end of church. I chalked it up to pacing the halls with a fussy baby. But by the time I went over to see my grandma, I knew it was more. My left breast was swollen and red on the side. I took some ibuprofen and felt better enough to drive home. In the middle of the night I could not stop shivering and I was so hot and so cold at the same time. It was miserable. My temperature was about 102.

At 5am I gave up on sleeping and took a hot shower to help my muscles. Then Yaya and I came downstairs let Lily out and dozed on the couch until 6:30. Its almost 9 and I am feeling a lot better. I plan to take another nap and see how I feel later.

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