She may not be wearing these wool shorties that I knitted before I became pregnant (and added the pink flowers yesterday, since she is a girl) too often.

Today I took yaya to the doctor because she has a bit of a rash, a weird rash. It looks like ringworm- being round patches of rash on her arms and legs. But the doctor assured me that its atopic dermatitis (also known as eczema) and its not at all uncommon. He mentioned that she has very reactive skin, it mottles easily when she is hot or cold. If she scratches herself it looks a lot worse than it really is.

I've known since she was born that her skin was more sensitive. We noticed that her baby acne was far worse then Gwennie's or Rhayn's was. Also it seemed to get worse when she was hot. The doctor explained that itchy things, like lacy dresses and scratchy fabrics will probably irritate the eczema. Also wool can be an irritant so I need to be cautious when she wears them.

On a happy note, she weighs in at 12 1/2 pounds. Nice and plump.


purplelurple said...

Lots and lots of lotion. Dougie has the same thing. It has lessened since he has gotten older but if it is very dry out he gets it really bad.

Amanda said...

she's adorable, and the shorties are too!

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