Yup. I have big, milk making knockers.

Yesterday I went to a La Leche League meeting in the morning and asked the other nursing mamas where to buy bras. I was pointed to a store that had just opened. (It was the one I was headed to later that day, anyway.)

We arrived at the store where the lady measured me as a 34DD. I told her I preferred a 32 band size usually, and she said that was probably good. So she brought out all of the 32DD/E bras she had. As soon as I tried on the first few I knew the cup size was too small. My left breast is about a cup size bigger than the right (and I had just fed Natalie from that side.) I showed the lady what was going on, and she brought out the next cup size up.

I swear I tried on about 30 bras in various sizes and styles. I only found one that fit (and yes even after I tried it on I kept trying the others.) There were a few that were decently comfortable but I was sure, from the fit, that by an hour or 2 of having them on I would be irritated by the fit.

The *Anita Microfiber Nursing bra is the one I bought. It is pretty pricey. But I've had it on all day and haven't felt like I was being suffocated by it. My breasts are still apart and high up (it supports them well.) I wish it was cotton in the cups or that they were padded. I dislike it when my nipple point in different directions and the cups have no lining so if its a little cold you can see that lefty is pointing north while righty is looking south. Also when I leak, which still happens just a little, unless I have a nursing pad on, it pours all over my shirt. But those are minor irritations considering the general comfort of the bra fit and I will ignore them.

Now for my hips to go back to normal so my pants fit... I still have about 10 pounds hanging on from my pre-pregnancy weight.

*How irritating is it that the bra model has OBVIOUSLY never been pregnant or nursed a baby? Seriously I want to see a post partum tummy on a nursing bra model. At least a stretch mark or 2.


Wayne said...

I would give the classic messageboard response "This post is useless without pictures," but your husband probably wouldn't appreciate that, so I won't. :)

Amie said...

LOL *giggle* *snort*

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