Blurry picture of myself. This is the haze I live in.

Well that was irritating. I logged on here last night to write a blog post, one that I had been thinking of all day, and Blogger was temporarily unavailable. I have no idea what that blog post was about. I should have written it down, wrote it in word and then copy/pasted it here. But I didn't.

Honestly it was probably another l-a-m-e post. My brain seems to be suffering from breastfeeding. It sort of zaps all of your brain cells, and makes everything in your being focus on your child. This was part of the discussion at the LLL meeting I went to. Though we were talking about benefits of breastfeeding and motherhood, it came up that most moms feel- zapped of brain function. For some this never really comes back. I really hope to have mine back in a few months.

The other day I was trying to talk to someone and I just kept coming up blank. I seriously could not think of words to explain what I wanted to say. So I stared blankly. Also when I am talking with someone I have a hard time focusing on them. I need no distractions to be fully in a conversation. This is probably why during my Thursday morning Coffee Chats I struggle to keep up. Its a good thing my friend A can keep up a conversation all by herself.

Gratuitous picture of myself. Taken by Gwennie. This is how I carry my sweet Natalie most of the time though I am not always supporting her head. She was looking at me and dozed off, usually her head is tucked into the side strap. I love this SPOC (simple piece of cloth) wrap.

I want to write a post about Natalie and how I feel about her name but... its taken me a long time to write this post because I have to keep searching for words and that post would probably take even longer.


Amie said...

Honestly? That was one of the main reasons I decided to go back to school! I could not get a cohesive sentence out. I still struggle with coming up with just-the-right-word and OFTEN. And I'm not talking about difficult words...the words are just not there. I think pregnancy does it, honestly.

You're a superrific breastfeeder, and you functioned awesomely with Gwennie, so I doubt that's the reason. But I DO know that for myself personally, I was a much happier mom when I was done breastfeeding. I was never good at it, was constantly stressed, hated wearing nursing bras and pads and leaking (and wearing bras to bed, ugh) all of that was very hard for me. Plus the fact that I just never made much milk. So yes, I agree with some of your friends that the breastfeeding stage is hard, but I know you'll get back into the swing of things and come off conqueror...cuz you always do. :)

Briep said...

I have the same problem. I can never find the words that I want to say. It is so frustrating.

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