Last night we went to the wedding reception of a man who used to be a boy that I babysat on Friday nights so that his parents could attend football games. He and his brothers were a handful, but having 3 younger brothers of my own I was well prepared for them.
My parents and youngest brother and his family came, too. My mom had "borrowed" Gwennie for a few days and we picked her up there. My brother has 2 boys, the smallest is 4 months old. Check out how alike these sweet cousins are. I hope they will be good friends. I am sure they will enjoy each other.
We were all dressed up so we tried to get a few family pictures. There was much dancing. Including a "Love Train" that Will and I joined in. It was hard to hang on to the "Love Train" when one arm is filled with a baby! But it was enjoyable. The girls did some serious dancing, too.

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Meli said...

Hey... where in AZ are you? We're getting ready to move; and Arizona has always been appealing to us. So I'm trying to figure out where everyone is, whether or not they love the area, if they'd move to another part of the state if they could, yada yada yada. I think we're leaning more north (flagstaff area), but I'm not sure. Thanks!!

Love the family photo!

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