My 4 week old and a little TMI about me at the end.

Natalie is 4 weeks and a couple of days old. Yikes, time is just zipping by at warp speed. I have figured out a few things about my youngest daughter recently.

She sleeps best alone. This kills me. Yes, I am still co-sleeping/bed-sharing with her. It works best for middle of the night nursing, but unlike my cuddle bug Gwennie, Natalie sleeps better if I am near, but not quite touching, her. She naps best and for longer if I lay her on the couch and just let her sleep.

She often wraps her feet together when she is sleeping. I know those heels caused me a lot of grief for the last 4 weeks of her gestation. But it looks really cute now.She smiles at me. Mostly just at me. I pick her up and hold her like we are about to have milk and she'll smile big at me. But its nearly impossible to get a picture of it. I tried this morning. I have about ten blurry pictures of her sweet face.

She can lift her head up really well when she is semi upright, like in a boppy or when you are holding her in the recliner. She can not however lift her head up when she is laying on her stomach. This makes her very mad and she will squawk about it until you help her roll over or pick her up.
Natalie is a busy girl. She probably won't be another "BFB" (big fat baby) which makes me a little sad. However she does have some lovely chunk rolls on her legs. She is in the 95th percentile for length and 80th for weight, proving she is quite a big lovely girl. And that is perfectly fine.

I have overdone it this week, because I am bleeding again. I remember that I bled on and off for 6 weeks with both girls so this isn't a big deal. But I had stopped for 2 full days then we went to Costco and that pushed me over the edge. I've even had a little cramping. Boo.

I am so done with the bleeding because wearing pads all of the time in the warmth is giving me "swamp butt" which has irritated my backside and totally made me itch. like. crazy. Remember pruritis ani? Yup back in full force. I have to powder my hiney to keep from wanting to claw my bum off. Luckily the 'roids are almost completely gone. I think that they were partially the cause of the pruritis ani, because they hurt so maybe I wasn't keeping it totally dry down there. This caused moisture build up and now itchy itchy itchy. I am miserable and almost ready to go back to the doctor about it.

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