My mom always kept my hair short when I was a child. I thought she was just mean or lazy, it turns out that fine hair does not do well when it gets long. Unless I have a lot of time to fight with Gwennie about her hair, its best to keep it short.

Only for a while now, Gwennie wanted long hair like her cousin Madder. We also watched the movie "Tangled" and she was inspired to have long golden hair like Rapunzel (since her hair is golden already!) It was fine for a time, but recently has become a battle, a daily battle. Her hair is quite fine in the back and unless iits brushed a few times a day is starts to look like this.
She asked for a hair cut. I asked her what she would like. "A pixie cut like Rhayn," was her reply.
"I'm sorry honey, that is not happening, what if we..." and I rambled off a few cuts that I felt would better suit her. Today we finally got around to her hair cut. She was excited. She likes to sit in the chair. I am pretty sure its because she has a captive audience in her hair dresser. She talk non-stop to anyone who will listen. Just a little while after she looked like the above, she came out of the Super Cuts looking like this:And I think it fits her just fine.


Amie said...

super cute! I would have loved to see the pixie on her too. :)

Briep said...

now she looks like me!

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