Who is in there?

I've spent a lot of time lately thinking about babies. Kind of a no duh, right?
Rhayn, at birth

I have all of these thoughts and questions about this little one growing inside of me.

Who will he/she look like? Neither of my girls looked (or look) at all like I thought they would. Both favor their dad's side more than mine. Neither had brown eyes like I thought they would. Rhayn was born with longish, brown hair. She also came out scowling at me, just like her dad's default expression. (The older she gets the more I see my family in her, mainly she looks like my mom.)
Gwennie looked just like Patrick Stewart and her dad had had a baby. I still look at Gwennie and see nothing of myself in her.
Gwennie, at birth

I fully expect this little one to have light colored eyes. I fully expect him/her to have daddy's coloring and not mine. I fully expect it to be a girl.

I've come to terms with that. In fact when we go to my personal favorite consignment store, and I look at all of the super cute dresses in the twice as big girls' section, I'm even more ok with it. BUT there is a part of me that will mourn the boy I will never have if this is a girl. (But also, I think I will be sad if its a boy... its such a strange feeling, this not knowing thing. I love it.)

I am anxious to meet this little, to hold that small body in my arms and kiss the feet that have felt like they are poking out of my right side. I am excited to see who this one looks like, to get to know them. However, I need them to stay in, just a few more days since it is drill weekend and Will is away. So I am crossing my fingers (and legs) in hopes that this one will come next week, which (in our life) would work out perfectly. Monday looks like a good day, the day after Rhayn's 10th, my sister's 24th, and a cool date 3-7-11. But we all know, babies have their own agendas that rarely coincide with ours.

So we wait... and wait...

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