Happy 10th Birthday to Rhayn!

Its drill weekend, that means Daddy is out of town. Today is Rhayn's tenth birthday, too. Yesterday we headed to my parents house to visit and also because there was a carnival in town. We grabbed some cousins and my sister and I watched the kids go on rides.Rhayn and Gavin went on the Gravitron twice (bad idea). It made Gavin feel sick.Then they went on a spinning dragon ride with Gwennie and Madder. After some time, Gavin's stomach settled down and he went with Rhayn on the ferris wheel.
Followed by this ride, the octopus? which was really the only one Rhayn had wanted to ride from the moment we got there. The line was rather long for it, so they had chosen to go on the others first.I think they had fun. I know Gwennie loved riding the couple of rides she was able to go on with Madder. Today Rhayn is headed to a spring training game with her BFF, C.

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Amie said...

how fun! Happy birthday to Rhayn!

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