Here we are again. (Take a moment, and read that will ya?)

All right, so I feel almost exactly like I did then, including the headache. I haven't take sudafed this time, its a migraine, I know it is. I am reading into every little thing- how every part of me feels. Every twinge makes me think "could it be"? But nothing so far.

I feel obligated to post on here and let everyone know that NOTHING is happening other than this. I am tired, my head hurts, and I feel miserable because of the headache. Its a doozy complete with queasiness.

I've slept most of the day since noon, and I really shouldn't sleep more. But what else can I do? Lay on the couch and cry about the pain? That will not make it better at all.

Edited to add-
I took 2 tylenol and a hot shower. My headache, though still there, is now tolerable. I can feel it wrapping into my neck but its no longer vice-like. My cousin called to see if I can hang out, I would love to. Really I would. Its been far too long since we were able to. But for one, I fear driving alone right now. I seem to have the "best" contractions while driving. I could hope that being outside, under the "Super Moon" may cause me to go into labor But I know it won't.


BrieP said...

I say sleep a lot because once this little one comes. You will miss that. I know I do!!

Amanda said...

Tell your cervix to open up already. Matt's out of town, and I need something to occupy my mind.

Elise said...

Last nite was super fun. Thanks for dragging your roundness out for some girl time. I haven't laughed til i cried for a long time. it was good to get our minds off things even though it was only for a couple of hours

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