I feel like a mess today. So this is going to be a post full of complaining. Feel free to skip it and look forward to a much more upbeat post later (I have some sprouting pants to post pictures of!)

There is so much I need to get done, too. We're having Rhayn's party here tomorrow and I feel like the house is a disaster. I've been really busy this week but cleaning is just not happening. I finally have all of the laundry washed. Some is on the line, the rest is clean, in hampers, waiting to be separated and put away.

I made a list this morning of all of the things I want to get done before people come over tomorrow. Am I doing it? How many of those things have I crossed off this morning? None. I did however start crying and went outside to clean up the sandbox a little. That helped get my mind off of whatever was making the tear flow. Though I can still feel that feeling you have when the smallest thing might make you cry. I know its going to happen today, I am going to need a really good cry. I just have to wait for it, no reason to force it, right?

This baby hurts me. I think s/he's settled comfortably into my pelvis and is pushing it apart. Sure that is a good thing, but it aches constantly rather like I have been doing the splits. Every morning when I wake I wonder if today will be birthing day. I am anxious to meet this little one, but at the same time I feel totally unprepared for having him/her. Also, my right ribs are burning. At some point in my life I did something to my ribs that made the right side, at least the bottom 2, push in. It hurts when I am pregnant and for some reason both Gwennie and this one loved to push into that part. Gwennie had her head up there and this one kicks it pretty routinely.

Last night I was having a little snuggle time with Gwennie and as usual she was wrapped around my midsection talking to the baby. She likes to pat his/her bottom and then get kicked in the head. I wish there was a way to freeze that moment to replay later when she is hating her younger sibling for "touching her stuff" or "being in her room" or whatever reason.

On to the subject of sleep, I think part of my "problem" today is that I am exhausted. I know I should be sleeping as much as I can, but that is just it... I can not sleep and it really doesn't feel restful when I DO sleep. My nose is draining constantly into my throat which is so sore when I wake up that it feels like its on fire. This has been going on for over a week and its getting to the point that it hurts all day. I am sucking on Ricola lozenges and drinking a lot of water.

I guess I really should be doing something on my list, its fairly lengthy.


Elise said...

OH NO!! No sprouting PANTS!

leaner said...

Glaring at you across the internet, Elise.

Amanda said...

To me this is always the worst part of pregnancy. The end is so rough, I stop feeling human and just feel *pregnant*. Try be gentle with yourself.

call me for anything!

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