Of Rashes and Glasses

This week has been a big one at our house. No, the baby hasn't come early. (Though he/she is LOA or left occiput anterior and kicking like a fiend into my right side. It can be painful at times and it is weird to see a huge bulge on the right.)

No, over the weekend Will asked Rhayn if maybe she needed glasses. We took her to Eyemasters and, yessirreebob she needs them. Her right eye has 20/20 vision. But it does all of the work which means her left eye wasn't really seeing.
We spent quite a while finding the perfect pair of specs for her. They are gray with a white and turquoise layer. Super cute don't you think? Unlike me, she needs to wear them all of the time, for near and far. I only really need my corrective lenses for distance (myopia).

We've also had some really cold temperatures around here. Like freezing. We had a couple of days with highs in the mid 40s. I can't be sure if that is why Gwennie's face (and only her face, nothing on her body) has broken out in a rash. But it is a big coincidence, no? This morning her face was really awful looking and she said it itched. We gave her some benadryl, which did next to nothing to the rash itself but she got very sleepy. This afternoon she has a low fever (99.5) and is still acting sleepy.
You can't even really see the rash in this picture, because over the day it has started looking better. The redness has gone down but its still bumpy. It did that yesterday, too. Morning it was red and swollen but by bedtime it was nearly gone. We'll see how it looks tomorrow. If she is still running an elevated temperature she won't be playing soccer.

The below picture is a little better, as far as being able to see the rash. Though Gwennie looks a little crazy.


Amie said...

It's weird how our bodies react to things...I gave Ethan a peanut butter sandwich yesterday. We'll see how he reacts today... I like Rhayns glasses!

Cornfed Princess said...

Rhayn looks so glam and sassy!

lvh said...

Wow Gwennie's eyes look amazingly gray in that picture - are they really gray?

leaner said...

They are not quite blue, not quite gray.

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