WWZ and a "new" dryer!

Yesterday was a busy day. We started early at an 8am soccer game. Gwennie's rash was still pretty bad looking so I had her stay with me and not play in her game. My parents came up to watch the games, too.

And they brought with them... a dryer! Whoo hoo! (Did I mention that our dryer was squealing/squeaking worse every time I used it?) My awesome sister-in-law and brother had an extra dryer hanging out in their garage and offered it to us. My dad brought it up and installed it for us. (Will is away at drill this weekend or he would have helped.) My parents also took the old one away so that we didn't have to hang on to it until bulk trash pick-up the first week of March.After that, my parents had planned to take my nephew, B, to the Wildlife World Zoo. None of us had ever been there before.It was cold. I brought coats for the girls but forgot to bring one for myself. I had to make do with a hat and scarf. In the sun it was nice, but in the shade I was cold, all day long.
Rhayn loved that feeding the giraffes was "free" as she picked up pellets off of the ground under the machine. We did buy a little bit of pellets for them for 50 cents. She got slimed by the giraffe's long tongue and told me it was really rough.
In the aquarium we saw many neat fish and sea creatures. This one was Gwennie's favorite. It was hard to tear her away from watching this guy cleaning the tank. She went back to watch him 3 times. She flat out refused to touch the sea creatures that she could have touched. This wasn't surprising, she doesn't care to touch the sting rays at the Phoenix Zoo, either. She loved touching the next animal, though. This axis deer was in the petting zoo. .There was a really nice petting zoo area, complete with an area to get up close and personal with tortoises. Rhayn learned why the sign said "DO NOT FEED". She was pulling the lettuce our of a crack and feeding it to one, who was a little excited and clamped down on her finger. Ouch.
We walked all over, and probably didn't see all of the animals. We managed to be at the right place at the right time right before we left and got to watch an animal encounter show. They asked for volunteers and Rhayn's hand shot up. She was picked and gladly held this Madagascar Hissing Cockroach while walking in front of the crowd. The roach kept trying to climb up into her sleeve. She loved it, and can no longer say that she "never gets picked". All in all it was a good day. I remember why we never, ever go into gift shops at the end of the day. Nothing makes parents as mad as whiny kids who want you to buy expensive, plastic crap that will break on the way home.


Cornfed Princess said...

Families are the best! I love that they appeared with a dryer - three cheers for Mom & Dad!

tif-do said...

Looks like a fun time. I've always wondered what that zoo is like. In comparison what do you think?

Amie said...

Gasp! You were right down the street! So glad you had fun. We never go there cuz it's so dang expensive!

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