Feeling sick and cost of baby stuff

For the past few days, I've just felt a little off. Yesterday I was sure it was all because of a cruddy night's sleep. There was an accident on the main street just south of our house at 4:50 am and it woke me up. The flashing lights kept me up. I dozed on the couch for a bit after, but I felt like a zombie all morning. I took a nap, hopeful that I would feel better after that. I did for a short while after waking.

By evening it was obvious to me that I was ill, or on my way to ill.

Now it is Wednesday. This morning as I was sitting here eating my morning bowl of raisin bran I suddenly felt dizzy. I rested my head on the cool counter and waited for it to pass. I keep waiting for the fever that I think is on its way, my current temperature is slightly elevated. I mean like 1 degree above normal.

Gwennie also seems afflicted as does Will. Rhayn seems fine, but who knows. Its not a miserable illness. I just feel... off. I napped this afternoon, too. But still not feeling great. Its chicken soup time.
I have gotten stuff done the past few days, even though I'd really like to sleep. I have washed all of the cloth diapers I have that are sized small. I hung the covers on the line, though not the inserts and prefolds, those I tossed in the dryer. I will dry them on the line later, when they get stained because the sun bleaches that right out (most all stains). I can not wait to use these. I got really lucky, I found 4 covers at a consignment store for $2 each. Then I bought the colored ones from someone in a local cloth diapering group for $60. A month or so ago a mom at Rhayn's school asked if I was planning to cloth diaper and if I needed any small diapers. She was getting rid of all of hers, because all of her kids are potty trained and older. Total cost $0. Some of the diapers are left over from Gwennie. I will probably need some medium sized diapers later on, but I think I am all set for at least 4 months.

4 months worth of diapers for $70ish. I did buy one pack of newborn disposables ($9) for the first few days. So lets up that to $80. The average baby goes through 300-400 diapers during the first few months. I would be spending at least $80 a month in disposable diapers if we went that route.

I plan to nurse this little lovekins. That saves us hundreds of dollars for bottles and formula. (Though I got a can of newborn similac in the mail the other day. Huh? Never got ANY with Gwennie.) I may need to get some nursing pads (I leaked a lot last time.) But that doesn't cost too much. I may also need to get a nursing bra or two. Those can be pricey but are less than the cost of one month of formula.

I have spent a little on clothes because it makes this all feel more real. Maybe $30 for some newborn sleepers. Since we don't know if this is a Beulah or Gottlieb cooking in there, I can't really buy more clothes. If this is Beulah, then she will be set. My sister has girl clothes galore (right, Brie?) Boy clothes... well I am sure I will find some. Somewhere in our attic is a box with a few newborn clothes in it, they're probably pink though.

Um, baby sleeps with me. Makes for easier nursing at night. Makes for better sleep for mama. I found that out with Rhayn. I had trouble sleeping with her in a crib, especially after she turned blue at the hospital. Gwennie sleep in bed with me, or near me. Easier and free.

Free, given to me by the same mom who gave me many small diapers. Its good until 2013, too. I Am not exactly sure if we'll need to replace the bigger carseat when babykins outgrows the infant bucket, but we'll see. (We did buy a bigger car to accommodate a growing family, but I'm not adding that expense.)


purplelurple said...

You can have all my cloth diapers if you can figure them out.

purplelurple said...

oh also we are saving baby clothes from 9 months on. We got rid of the others cause had a friend who lost all of hers in a house fire.

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