After writing my post yesterday we were taking temperatures all around. Rhayn took hers and we were all shocked to see 100.4 (I think) on the thermometer. I figured Gwennie had a fever, she felt warm and was acting under the weather. But Rhayn said she felt fine. Sure she'd complained a little of a headache.

At dinner you could see Gwennie's illness kicking in. She sat at the table but her head slowly drooped. Soon she was resting it on the table. I sat in our recliner and snuggled her for a bit after I was done eating. She slept on me for a while. Its been a while since we did that, just sat in the chair.

I took a bath and though it didn't make me feel better (or worse) I took Gwennie to bed when I got out at 7:30. She was burning up, her temperature climbed to 101.7 and her eyes were leaking. Her nose was running, too.

Rhayn still has an elevated temperature this morning, so we're lounging around the house crossing our fingers that this illness will be quick and fairly painless. Its a morning filled with PBS kids programs (then there isn't a fight about what to watch) lots of drinks and snuggle time.

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