Weekly Gratitude- Love

I am grateful for all of the love in my life.

~35 weeks along and this little one has my whole heart. Though I am still wondering about him/her and waiting to see who he/she looks like.
~The love between a girl and a dog. Sure Lily isn't "her" dog, but this is what having a dog is all about, that friendship and love.
~Heart shaped pizzas. This was Rhayn's idea. She thought it was the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day.


lvh said...

It's great what ideas kids come up with for meals Heart shaped pizzas - great idea Rhayn.

Tell Gwennie to soak up a few rays for me - that looks so nice to lay out in the sun with a dog.

Amie said...

great idea on the pizzas!! :)

mrana said...

We had heart shaped pizzas too!!!!

Amanda said...

ooops, that was from me, not Matt.

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