Pregnancy Updates

I had an appointment with my midwife, Pam, today. I adore her. She makes me feel good about choices I have made. She gives me confidence that, once again, I can do this.

I am 35 weeks and 3 days according to "the wheel" but also according to my LMP and conception date. My fundal height is perfect for that time (35 cm). She thinks the baby is about 5 pounds, which is just right. His/her heart rate is about 140-160.

I've gained 21 pounds, from 138 to 159.

As of Tuesday, this little one can come and everything would be all right, and I would be able to have a homebirth. This is exciting, but also makes me nervous. Are we ready? I know that I listed all of the things we have ready BUT are WE ready? Baby still doesn't have names. But we have time even if he/she came tomorrow, we can find a name after the birth. I still have my list of names (and I am not sharing, I tried to share one of them and it had a not so good reaction from the person I told it to.)

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BrieP said...

not sharing names is smart. People can be jerks about it. I know that when I told people a name they said something not so nice and because I was so hormonal I wanted to punch them in the face and it made me cry. who cares if other people like it as long as you like it!

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