I think I may be nesting a little. Although this is hard to do, because at the moment our house is in total disarray (maybe I mentioned that?) also I am still sick.

I want our house to be decluttered. I want our house to be rearranged. Seriously rearranged. I have plans, big plans! for some of the rooms. Will and I stood in our living/tv room this afternoon and discussed rearranging it. The plan is to move the television from one wall to another making it less of a focal point for the whole room and our whole house. Our "never quite been the right shape" dining room will become a sitting room. (Its in progress and don't worry, there will be pictures of it at some point.) Our living/tv room is rotating. Hopefully all of this will make our house feel more... I don't know, homey? comfortable? friendly? less tv oriented. The "toy and junk" room upstairs will be gone through and much of the crap we've been hanging on to will be discarded and donated.

This year, 2011 is going to be filled with changes. Changes that will make our family better, I think.


Amanda said...

I love changing my home to feel 'new and fresh'. Wishing you tons of fun and success!

Meli said...

Ahhh, have fun with it!
I always enjoy giving my space some nurturing love. We've purged so much "stuff" in the past year. Enough to fill up a whole 'nother house! It has definitely transformed our home... but also our whole lives.

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