Hurtful Words

Gwennie decided that she no longer wants to live with our family. She wants to live with Madison's family (my sister) and it would be awesome "because we could share our toys."
Sometimes she just says this in passing but other times, like this morning, it starts with "I just don't care about this family" before progressing into mean and hurtful words.

This all started a while back when her dad was joking with her about living with Madison. Its become her escape though. I don't like it.

I know that part of why it hurt so much this morning is my fragile emotional state due to lack of sleep. Last night was another of "those" nights. I was stuffed up and kept waking. But also falling asleep was a chore. I have a lot on my mind and all of it was running circles around me until eleven or so.

I guess you never know what little thing, what small statement, will stick with someone forever.

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