The right weather for baking (is not here today.)

Notice the knife and the chunk of caramel that is missing? Mmm it was good.

I am thankful for the clouds today. They are helping a little to make it feel just a tad bit more like the Christmas season. Honestly its been hot lately, hot for Arizona in December, meaning in the 70s. First of all its making me grumpy. Second, I don't want to bake at all so that has been a struggle. Sure I could just not make caramels and cookies. But I want those things. I bought the ingredients to make those things.

Its in no way cold outside. I laugh bitterly whenever I hear "Baby its cold outside". I really want some snow. Or at least weather that isn't in the 70s. I have the house opened up, windows open to let in the lovely air. But that doesn't feel right.

I forced myself to make sea salt caramels today. I also made soft pretzels. Next up is sugar cookies and then I am going to try licorice caramels. My mom made licorice caramels one year for Christmas and I have thought of them every single Christmas since. Notice that I haven't whined about them to her. Few people in my family even like black licorice, but my mom does, I do and so does Will. I think Gwennie does as well. (Not sure if I am missing someone who likes it.)

I had a bread machine failure this morning and that didn't help my Christmas-y mood. I moped about it for a bit but then realized it was silly to be mad about it. These things happen. It looks like the caramels worked like they should and I am having the hardest time not cutting chunks off of the cooling caramels.

I think I shall take a short break and lay on the couch, I feel a nap coming on and its hard to deny naps when you are nearly seven months pregnant. Yawn.


BrieP said...

YUCK YUCK YUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK (to the black crap you are talking abou)

lvh said...

Gran'pa C always had some black licorice around. That red crap is not licorice. I have to find your mom's recipe and try making some of that. I love black licorice and buy Black Jack gum everytime I see it - yummy stuff.

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