Gratitude Monday

This week I am thankful for
  • being 27 weeks along! 3 months to go and entering the 3rd trimester. It is awesome.
  • being 99.9% done Christmas shopping and wrapping.
  • hanging out with my cousin and an old friend from high school. We sat and talked while my kids ran like maniacs.
  • cloudy days. I don't know why they make me happy but they do! I only wish it were cooler. Its in the low 70s and its hard to feel Christmas-y when its warm and I have all of the windows open on the house.
  • The Cold exiting out house! Its about time.
  • finishing yet another doll. Nope, this one isn't staying at our house either. Although Gwennie wanted to keep her because their hair matches.


Elise said...

watching Barney was fun :P

Amanda said...

You have crazy talent for making dolls!!!

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