Doom Kitty

This is Mean Kitty. She is old and... well... mean. She was Will's cat long before he met me. She was feral, and he found her in a very sad state. I believe the story is that she and her family were living in the vents above his apartment's bathroom (or something like that). He rescued her, covered in feces and malnourished and was stuck with her forever more. She tolerates those who feed her. She looks so soft and pretty. She perches on the back of the couch and will hiss at you if you look at her funny. I warn those who come over about her. I don't want them to get hurt. (She is almost all "hiss" and very little "bite" though.)

When she lived with us Hairball nicknamed her "The Kitty of Doom" or "Doom Kitty". I am pretty sure Hairball and Mondryn even made a card for the game Munchkin that featured "The Kitty of Doom."

Growing up we lost a lot of cats to the road and animals (coyotes) around our home. But we always had indoor-outdoor cats. Will and I chose to keep out cats indoor-only. Mean Kitty even had her claws removed because she scratched Rhayn when she was just over 6 months old. (Rhayn still bears a scar on her cheek.)

At some point while letting dogs in and out of the house, Mean Kitty became an indoor-outdoor cat. She, much like a chinchilla, loves dust/sand baths. We have a sand box that she often rolls in. (She also leaves Lily little treats in it, but that is just gross, and I shouldn't tell you all about it!)

The thing is, Mean Kitty has actually become almost a nice kitty. She loves to come snuggle after being outside. She isn't as much of a pain. Well she was ridiculously annoying when she figured out the bells we used to have for the dogs to ring to go out. Lily never figured them out, but Penny did. The sound made me think of her anytime Mean Kitty would ring them, so I took them away from her. (She has a litter box inside so she doesn't have to go out.)

There is nothing like a cold cat curled in your lap, purring. Especially when you have spent ten years in fear of that cat.


Anonymous said...

I just said to Charles, "Oh she looks mean." His response was, "She IS MEAN!"

Elise said...

you forgot to mention her horrendous breath!

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