Yesterday I had an ultrasound scheduled. I asked Rhayn if she wanted to come along, as well as Will (Gwennie didn't get a choice). We were also picking up Will's dad from his sister's house so we were going to make a day of it.

At the radiologist, I filled out the paper work and sat waiting. My bladder filled with the required 32 ounces of liquid, ok I cheated. I am thin and have always gotten away with doing 20-24 ounces instead. After filling out paperwork, I sat back down trying to get comfortable. Then they called me over to tell me that because the ordering physician was a midwife and not a doctor there was a very good chance Tricare (our insurance provider) wouldn't cover the ultrasound.

I had them call my midwife, but they told me that they would still do the ultrasound, it was just a possibility that we would end up paying for it out of pocket. Ugh. But I asked about the price and was quoted something reasonable.

Back in the room, I craned my neck to get a peek at the baby. I want to be strong and not find out the sex of the baby, but at the same time I hoped to see that area. The US tech did a great job avoiding that area (at least while I was looking) yet still measuring every part of the baby. We saw the heart, the spine, he measured the bones. He spent quite some time looking at the palate, and even showed us a close up of the lips so it looked like baby was kissing the screen. So cute and so perfect.

Baby is laying transverse, head on the right butt on the left. What I thought might be kicking on my right is actually hands. This baby rubs his/her head a lot. You can see the nubs of fingers on the top of the head in the picture. The hand was actually covering the face for part of the time. We also got a video of baby opening and closing "her" mouth.

My midwife called and said she got the report and everything looks perfect. One measurement was just a little small, but she wasn't sure what the abbreviation meant. (Still waiting for her to call me back if its something bad.)

Its so weird to me (even though I've been through this before) that someone is growing inside of me right now. I mean, in a few months a whole person will come out of me. Eventually this little person will be just that, a person of their own. It is such an amazing process. I love going through it. I love sitting in bed at night, while baby kicks/punches me and thinking about who this little little will be. I love not knowing if its a girl or boy because it adds another level of wonder to it all.

And I am getting so excited to meet this person, and see how they fit into our family.

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Amanda said...

I am so very very happy for you!

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