Gratitude Monday

This week (today) I am grateful for

  • being 25 weeks along. A huge sigh of relief because even if I were to have the baby now (and lets hope this does NOT happen) he/she would most likely live.
  • an ultrasound scheduled for Wednesday, and I can't wait to see how much babykins has grown! (Also, just to get to see the baby will be awesome. I am going to have to remain strong about not finding out the sex of the little one.)
  • a friend who was able to hang out with me yesterday when I was in need of child-free time. We sat and sipped hot tea in front of Barnes and Noble, then wandered around the store just looking. It was a really nice afternoon/evening out.
  • cups of hot tea. I brought home a few ounces of Glitter and Gold tea. I brewed it and it is a perfectly wonderful treat for a morning when I feel like I am dragging. The tea itself is so pretty, the description says "a vanilla spice black tea with gold candy pieces that truly sparkle with delight."
  • being mostly done sending out Christmas cards. I need a few more addresses because people have moved, so please send me your current address and I will get a card mailed out to you as soon as possible.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Your tea looks delicious! Have a beautiful time at the ultrasound!

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