I woke up feeling pretty good on Thanksgiving. We had a great day and I ate so much I really felt huge and uncomfortably pregnant by bedtime.

And then...

I slept terribly last night. It was miserable, I am miserable. After I fell asleep, Gwennie woke up, whimpering and needed help finding the toilet. I didn't stay there to help her wipe and all that, instead I climbed back into my warm cocoon and dozed back off. Moments later she came back to bed, pant and pantiless. Huh. I went into the bathroom to see what had become of her pants and found the underpants floating in the toilet, and the pants hanging over the toilet paper roll. HUH? I fished the underpants out of the toilet, rinsed them, and hung them up to dry a little (lest they mildew) and placed the pants in the hamper. I put a clean pair of pajama pants on her and went back to sleep.

Sort of.

My head was stuffy, and around 3 am, I woke up dizzy. It felt like the room was spinning. I felt slightly drunk. I rolled over and nearly was sick. However I managed to get back to sleep.

Until 5 am. I woke up suddenly because of a cramp in my leg. Ouch. When it finally stopped, I had a hard time going back to sleep because my nose was stuffed up, my throat hurt, and my ears felt like I had gone up in elevation. Yuck. Then Lily decided to come up and talk to me. (She usually comes up around 5:30 to whine at me.) I told her no, and buried my head in the pillow.

I did eventually sleep again, waking up at 7 feeling less than refreshed. I took a hot, vapor-rub shower and hoped it would clear my head. I wake up (during pregnancy) stuffed up a lot, and a hot shower helps. Not today. Today my nose is still dripping, I'm sneezing, my throat hurts, and my left ear still feels like I went up in elevation (add to that my right leg hurts from that cramp!)

I want to go back to bed and start over from last night. Or at least take a niiiiice loooong nap.

Its a very good thing I had no Black Friday shopping plans. I was thinking of taking the girls to the zoo, but unless I feel markedly better by noon there is no way we're doing anything.


lvh said...

i hope you are feeling better tomorrow so you can enjoy the big abenanna turkey day. You look great in the picture - did Rhay take it?

Cornfed Princess said...

Sorry you feel so poopy! I do so love Lily in a sweater. :)

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