Gratitude Monday

I am thankful for friends.

On Friday when I needed support and help more than ever before, I was able to call some people and have support over here within an hour.

I am thankful for family.

On Saturday when I was emotionally and physically drained and exhausted, my family surrounded me with love.

I am thankful for Will.

He stayed calm and, although he was only on the phone, he talked me down when I was freaking out.

I am thankful for Rhayn.

She stepped up and took care of Gwennie when I needed them to be safe and away from our dogs.

I am thankful that this weekend is over.

1 comment:

Amie said...

Poor you...sounds like a rough one! I'm glad your family is safe and well and the lil' one is well on her (?) way to joining ya.

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