Gratitude Monday/Half way

I am thankful for
  • being 20 weeks pregnant. Baby is wiggly and kicking, a constant reminder that there is someone in there.
  • FINALLY showing enough that other notice. Sure, I'm not huge yet, but there is a bump, and its filled with a baby who I am getting more and more excited (and terrified!) to meet in March. (I tried to take a picture, but honestly I didn't look as pregnant in it as I do really. I'll try again later.)
  • a nice weekend's worth of activities. Saturday was the girls' last soccer game. Both games were at the same time, which makes it really hard. We split up, I sat at Gwennie's game and Will went to Rhayn's. Gwennie tried and chased the ball. She has improved markedly since the beginning of the season. Rhayn's team won. Both girls received a trophy. Its a nice one too, with their name and season they played soccer. Then there was pizza and sodas for all. After that we came home and worked around the house a bit. The evening was finished off by a trip to Rhayn's school for the Halloween carnival.
  • On Halloween we went trick-or-treating with friends in a nearby neighborhood. The girls got a fair amount of candy and had great time. (Which is of course all that matters, right?)

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