So I seem to have caught a cold virus. Fun times, right? Nope. I also decided today that my bedroom was covered in a much too thick layer of dust and had to be cleaned (its been about 5 months since it was dusted.)

I am allergic to dust, really who isn't? It makes you sneeze and cough a bit. Well add that on top of my already oozy, drippy nose. What was I thinking? Maybe that if I cleaned a little the cold would be better, that sleeping in a room of filth like I was, was not helping. Next up to vacuum the carpet, but Will was on the phone and that would be rude, right?

Cross your fingers that this cold stays with me, and maybe the girls. Will can't catch it because he has drill, in California, for a week. He wants to be well when he meets his new unit for the first time.

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