Gratitude Monday/Corners of my home

These week I am grateful for
  • the ability to buy a new freezer. I broke ours yesterday. I was attempting to chip some of the ice out of it to increase space for the many frozen meals we made at the cook-a-thon. Well I managed to break the freon line, and effectively kill the freezer. Money is really tight right now, but we are lucky enough to have a little bit that was used to replace the freezer, and actually upgrade it to a frost-free version (it was about the same price as buying a manual defrost freezer!) You all wanted to see a picture of a litter box, its awesome, I know. But the above is our new freezer, sitting next to our washer and dryer. The dryer was a hand-me-down, so please ignore the duct-taped handle on it. I use the clothes line more than the dryer anyway.
  • Lowe's. They delivered and installed our new freezer and hauled the broken one away, free of charge. (They also give a Military discount at our local Lowe's.)
  • being 19 weeks along. I was going to post another lovely belly shot, but the freezer drama has taken up all of my time. Next week marks the 1/2 way mark. I can not believe it!
  • family. A few days ago a cousin of mine posted on Facebook about having extra tickets to the Saturday matinee of Beauty and the Beast. The girls and I were able to tag along and enjoy the show. It was also really nice to see those cousins that we rarely see. (Hi Tiff and Penny!)
  • Will. Once again he showed just how amazing he is. I killed our freezer, and was a total wench all day. (Stupid hormones.) He stayed calm through it all, even though I was flipping out the whole time and on the verge of tears. He was able to fix the situation, and keep me from crying. (Of course, writing this is bringing a few tears to my eyes.)


Amie said...

Awwww.... new electronics make me cry too. :)

tif-do said...

Hi!!! It was so nice to see you too... next time hopefully we can visit a bit.

Amanda said...

Love the new freezer! (and the litter box, and the duct tape) Honestly when I read the title '/corners of my home' my first thought was... she chose that room? Really? .... Totally get it now!

And a super big congratulations on 19 weeks!!! Every week is so precious!

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