Gratitude Monday

I am grateful for
  • being 17 weeks along. The daily thumps and kicks and pokes are amazing. Sometimes I like to lay still just to feel baby move. I also look forward to the girls and Will being able to feel Baby move, but for now, its all for me and the selfish part of me loves that.
  • four day weekends. I still have another day home with Rhayn, and that is great. We have plans to go to the zoo tomorrow.
  • busy Saturdays. Gwennie had a game, then a friend's birthday party and finally a trip to my parents' house for Madder and MellyBelly's luau birthday party. Which involved-
  • holding babies. I got to hold my sweet new niece Savannah while she slept and fussed. Then I got to hold my BFB* nephew, Dougie. He has to be about the cutest little boy I know. I could seriously hold him all day. (My muscles would hurt, he's a true BFB.)
  • getting hand-me-down clothes. Notice the picture above? That is a super cute cowgirl outfit that Elise gave to Gwennie. The shirt was too big for her but the skirt fit, Rhayn wanted to match her and put on the shirt.
  • phone calls from friends I haven't heard from in a while. I don't always answer our phone, simply because I am not always in the mood to talk. Emails and text messages are better and will probably get a quicker response. I am not a phone person, haven't really enjoyed phone conversations in a long time. But just hearing her voice made my day.
*BFB- big fat baby, we lovingly called Gwennie "the BFB" for quite a while, but Dougie has totally taken over that title.

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purplelurple said...

yes Dougie is truly a BFB! He was so happy to see his Auntie too. Anytime you want to come hold him you are welcome to. We might have to come visit you though so you can hold him more.

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