Me = Lame

So I had big plans for Tuesday, it marked my 6th bogging anniversary. But instead I took the kids to the zoo (Rhayn had a 4 day weekend). We only saw one animal, but the kids had a great time playing at the play area and getting soaking wet at the splash pad. Then Wednesday I thought I would write something but I didn't. So here it is Thursday evening and I am still slacking.

Shall I write more about my pregnancy? Everything seems to be going well. "Ab" (what I am referring to the baby as) is a wiggle worm and a few nights ago I actually felt a kick or punch or flip from the outside. Its not going to be long before the rest of the family can feel "Ab" moving. I am excited for that.

Additionally my pelvis hurts. I am pretty sure it is pregnancy related, but it hurts nonetheless. I am trying not to sit cross-legged in the chair, but that is how I usually sit, so it feels weird to sit "normally".

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