Gratitude Mondays

I'm trying to be grateful, I really am. I know that feeling sick is a good thing, but darn it I am emotionally exhausted from it and having to eat every. hour. all. day. long. I have had some days when the constant queasies abate for a short time. Then they come back, full force. I had a day that only involve gagging and no actual puking. Alas it didn't last and has been followed by days with an average of 4 sessions.

But I digress, and this week I am thankful for

  • week 9 of pregnancy, getting closer to the second trimester, looking forward to feeling the baby move and morning sickness really going away.
  • school starts this week. Rhayn can not wait. She is so excited. I, on the other hand, am not excited because this means I have to get my sick butt up every morning and drive her to school. Not looking forward to the next few weeks of that.
  • cheesecake. Its good stuff, so what if I've eaten like 4 slices in the past few days?
  • silly, vivid pregnancy dreams. Last night I was holding the hand of a little baby and trying to find cloth diapers. I had a bag full of newborn sized pampers but I wanted to use the cloth diapers that were buried in the bottom of the diaper bag. I also kept telling people the baby was a boy, but they kept telling me she was a girl.

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Mo said...

Hang in there my friend. Let me know if I can help with anything! x

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