You'll get over it

I am going to talk a lot about puking, so if that sort of thing makes you ill... well then just skip this post. OK? You've been warned!


Blarg. That is how I feel right now. Well not right RIGHT now. I just ate a piece of toast with almond butter and honey on it so tummy has settled down just a tad. All day long I feel queasy. Its ridiculous. I mean did I really block this part of pregnancy from my mind so thoroughly that it has hit me with full force and I was blindsided by it?

Will told me he thinks this time is worse, too. But he was in OCS (Officer Candidate School) during my pregnancy with Gwennie and I reminded him that he probably wouldn't have noticed if he came home and I was laying in a pool of my own vomit. I didn't share with him as much then either. He gets to hear all about the puking, and queasy feeling this time.

I just read the few posts I wrote on my blog from this part of pregnancy with Gwennie. The sickness hit about 5 weeks 2 days (pretty dead on this time, too.) I was unable to sleep due to the nausea at this point in that pregnancy. I was excited to read that by 10 weeks I was feeling remarkably better. Also that it didn't go away totally by that point but was better. There is hope.

Yesterday I threw up three times. Puking up milk is really gross, I think it has to be my least favorite thing to vomit up so far. I usually have time to grab a big cup of water to take with me by the toilet so that I don't dry heave, those hurt (I've done that twice this morning so far.) Its not at all like having the flu or food poisoning. I can think about puking and I am all right. However thinking about FOOD makes me gag some times.

Its rather funny, in a not so funny way, to be sitting on the floor hunched around the toilet, resting my head on the seat, wishing that I could puke, or that I would stop puking. At least its making me keep our toilets clean.

I miss being at the same stage of pregnancy as my sister. She is due in about 7 weeks, my SIL is 20 weeks. It was fun going out to eat with them and talking about the different stages of our pregnancies. (Can I say I am glad that at least I am not constipated, as long as I drink enough fluids during the day I stay regular with out any help.) I am excited to meet my new niece and nephew. Its going to be fun having all of these babies and kids so close together. Makes for more fun when we all get together!

I think my baby is grandbaby #13 for my parents... lucky #13? Is that right? (Mom?) I've no idea how many are on the other side.

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lvh said...

woo hoo - I cannot think of a better reason for being sick. Take care of yourself. Congratulations.

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