This weekend is going to be busy. Rhayn has a ballet performance on Saturday. The rehearsal is at 9, she needs to be in full costume and make-up. This is after I pick up co-op produce at 7am.

Have I mentioned how tired I am? Last night I went out with a couple of friends to see Eclipse. We didn't get home until nearly 1am, and then of course I was wide awake because of all of the things we had talked about after the movie. I may have fallen asleep around 2. Rhayn had stayed the night at a friend's house and so Gwennie was sleeping in our bed. Gwennie can't sleep alone. I put her in her bed or the spare twin we have in our room and she was back in my bed (her feet in the small of my back) a few hours later. Needless to say I didn't sleep that well.

Today is Will's birthday, too. We didn't do anything special at all. Hopefully he was ok with that. I know he doesn't care for his birthday, its just another day after all. The girls and I bought him a Wii remote (so now we have 2) and they are playing a few games before bed.

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