Swim Lessons

"I am happy
about the slide
and about how we get
a popschl
it is the last day."

The girls have been making a summer journal. Nearly every day they write something. Usually I give them a prompt, such as "I like to ______ with my mom/dad." But today I let them write what they wanted. Today is the end of session 3 of the summer swim lessons. We missed the first session, Gwennie missed the second session, too. The last day they have to show all that they have learned, then they are given a certificate and a popsicle. (or popschl as Rhayn wrote in Gwennie's journal.) As you can tell, Gwennie is excited to go down the slide again. She really enjoyed it last time.
Drawing still, she covered up the "naked man" she was putting shorts on.
"Today is the end
of swim lessons
and than I will
by in level 4."

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Pen-nut said...

I love it! You always have great ideas for your kids.

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