This week has been long. My cold drags on and has settled into my right sinus. I am dosing myself with sudafed to try and keep it from becoming a sinus infection. We have also had a nice pressure change that gave me a migraine (mixed, possibly, with a cycle related migraine.)

Here are some pictures from this week.

Rhayn has been reading to her sister this week. Mostly Grover stories, such as "The Monster at the End of This Book" and "Another Monster at the End of This Book." (The former being one of my favorites from childhood.) I love that she is reading, every time she picks up a book and sounds out words it fills my heart with pride. She was slow to start but I see books aplenty in her future.
On Wednesday our local library had the Reptile Man come in show off his pets. The girls love this guy and his sweet, cold-blooded babies, including an 8 year old albino python named Lily. At the end of his program he pulls her slowly out of a cooler across a large table. Then the kids get in a line and pet her. (To prove that snakes are NOT slimy.) She really is lovely, what can I say, I like both the color yellow and snakes! I would rock a shirt that was her color.

Below is a picture of the hole Penny has been digging. There was once a plant here. It was a real survivor having been nearly killed off many times. Well Penny did it in for good. She dug it up and chewed on the roots. Then Lily happily laid in the cool, turned up dirt. I fill the hole in nearly every day and Penny proceeds to dig it a little deeper. I could put her poop in the hole to try and get her to stop digging, however I am afraid she will then start digging in a different spot, killing a plant I like much better. The plant that was once there was a yellow flowered trailing lantana. (Notice my dead creosote in the upper left corner? Yup, I have killed 2 of them. Actually this one was killed by being uprooted, the other was over watered. But still, its a native plant, and should be hearty.)

Finally, its been a while since I photographed myself. To prove that I haven't changed much... here ya go.


Amanda said...

Stay away possible cycle related migraines! You are not welcome!!

Amanda said...
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Amie said...

You look good! Sorry you're not feeling so great. Great job on the reading Rhayn!

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