Summer Heat

Instead going to the movie on Friday like we usually do*, we went to the zoo.

We got there early enough that the heat was tolerable. Unfortunately I didn't sleep that well the night before so I was a little tired at the start of the day. It was good to get out of the house. When you stay in all of the time depression comes easily. We all need sun, its one of the best cures for depression. (15 minutes in the sun raises my spirits, but too much is a bad thing and you may end up with a sunburn on your back that matches the backpack straps you were wearing. Oh, wait, is that just me? I forgot to apply sunblock on my back, doh.)
Gwennie eating some kettlecorn, she is about to "get us"! Notice the squinty-eyed stare?

We first hit the Arizona trail to see the reptiles. It seemed like all of the animals had been fed recently, as there were little dead things in most of the cages. In the vulture/turkey exhibit there were dead fish on the ground. Dead mice and rats littered the owl and condor exhibit. The coati were out eating what looks like a ham bone. This gave us an up close look at the coati. I love the look of these guys. They fascinate me. After walking around and seeing many cool animals, we stopped at the new splash pad/water cave. Amy and I sat whilst the kids ran and played. That place is awesome for kids, but they didn't make enough seating for the adults. Also? Some woman in black stretchy pants bent over right in front of us, her enormous backside was in Amy's face, and you could see her black and white striped underpants. The squat is much better, and you never put your backside in others' faces, plus it is good exercise.

After a long while at the splash pad, a couple of the kids wanted to see the goats.We headed to Harmony Farms after which we headed out. This fan and mister was close to the elephants. Rhayn loved it, and was soaked through when she was done. It was all in all a great time at the zoo. We followed it up by a trip for lunch at Denny's, and a little shopping for Amy's kids. I found a shirt I absolutely loved the cut of for $15. I would have bought it if it had been a different color. It was lilac, pretty and it wasn't bad in me, but I would have liked a different color. I didn't need it anyway.

*Summer Movie Fun at Harkins $7 for 10 weeks of older movies. This week was Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs. I hate Ray Romano's voice. Its like nails on a chalkboard. Which is funny saying as most kids have no idea what that sound is since classrooms often have whiteboards instead of chalk, but I digress. Luckily for me, my good friend Amy came up with the great idea of going to the zoo.

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