Every day when we stay home we have rest time. I usually lay on the couch with Gwennie and read a book. Rhayn goes to her room and listens to audio books. Other times we watch a movie. Today I knew Gwennie needed an actual nap. She looked tired, her eyes had dark circles under them. (Unlike her sister, who has them all of the time, she only has them when she didn't sleep well the night before.)

The girls and I worked this morning. I made crock pot no-meat baked beans (they smell amazing!) I cleaned litter boxes and took out the trash. We made Father's Day cards. Rhayn diligently worked in her Summer Bridge work book. I decided that we would finish watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which we had started watching the night before.

I was sure Gwennie would doze off while we watched. Nope, but I slept through most of it. Instead she was wide awake and whining at the end. So I decided we would have continued rest time. Rhayn went up to her room for half an hour, Gwennie and I settled in on the couch. I am reading Dead in the Family (borrowed from a friend, and reading it a second time.) Within ten minutes Gwennie was out. Looking so sweet and innocent. See?
After the allotted "rest time" had passed, Rhayn came downstairs. Penny has a habit of barking and growling at those who come around the corner looking differently than she expects them to look. An example is the below outfit of Rhayn's. She came around the corner and Penny was growling and barking at her. Penny has also shown us that she dislikes fedoras. We think if someone broke into our home, Penny would be a good guard dog, doing the usual guard dog type things. Lily, on the other hand, would simply lick them and whine until they petted her.

Back to rest time, its really one of my favorite parts of the day. I love the quiet we have, and how after the break from each other, we all like each other so much more. Now, back to my book.


Cornfed Princess said...

I love how expressive the girls are. And I wish I were having nap time too. :)

Amanda said...

so what was Rhayn dressed as exactly? AND... we have to talk about the book!

leaner said...

I'm not sure what Rhayn is dressed as. But after Gwennie got up she donned her fancy dress and put on a feathered mask, too.

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