A few weeks ago I wrote this post about simplifying my life. That day I sat down and wrote out all of the things that I want to accomplish every day, as well as the weekly and monthly things I want to do. I also wrote out a chore list for Rhayn so that every day she knows what is expected of her. On her list I included showers every few days, because in the hustle and bustle of the week she was getting into a habit of showering only on Tuesdays (because her feet smelled so bad that I didn't want her to be the stinky kid in her ballet class!)

Here is my daily list-
Make bed
Feed pets
Take vitamins
Read to/ with children
Clear/ Wipe counter tops and stove top
Empty trash
Load/ Run/ Empty dishwasher
Clean kitchen sink
Sweep floor
Plan/ Cook dinner

I need to add exercise to this list. I am also not great at sweeping the kitchen floor daily. But I am working on that.

The weekly list-

Family Time!
Plan meals for the week
Make grocery list

Run errands
Grocery Store
Dust downstairs

Clean bathrooms
(Mirrors, counters, toilets, shower/bathtub)
Mop kitchen
Vacuum downstairs
Rhayn- ballet

Pick up toy room
Vacuum upstairs
Dust upstairs
Clean up computer desk

Clean litter boxes
Change bedsheets
Change hand towels
Wash sheets and towels
Clean bedrooms

Wash windows, especially back door
Sweep back patio

Do a quick tidy up of whole house
Outside chores/weeding
Use up leftovers

No, I haven't stuck to it exactly. Example would be Saturday morning. We haven't done a quick outside pick up, its been done on Sunday because of issues the last few Saturdays. I am working on staying on top of all of these things, and slowly adding to the list. If I miss a day its not such a big deal because I know what I need to do to catch up. So far its working really well.

This is our last full week of Rhayn's school. She has one full day and 2 half days next week then we are done. After that we are going to add an hour of homeschooling during the day for the summer. I need her to keep working on reading and math so she doesn't lose where she is. She has been doing so well since we started working with her more. I want to keep that going. I also want to work on her penmanship. The class is writing in cursive but she doesn't quite get how the letters flow together. (So if anyone has good handwriting resources, please share!)


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Hmm... I think I might do this too... I feel like sometimes things get too out of whack...

leaner said...

That is the idea. I felt like I was scrambling all of the time and I didn't want to schedule everything. Will and I settled on rhythm (partly so I can learn to spell it and partly because it sounds better.) Not only did I write out my list, I printed it and hung it up in the kitchen where I look at it every morning to see what I need to do that day.

Amanda said...

I like this idea, and hope to someday not be in a house full of babies. I know, other women manage... but I can't help but think I'll be able to do it once my kids are just a bit older.

As for cursive writing, I've seen this topic come up a lot in homeschooling newsletters. There's one curriculum that is mentioned more than anything else...
Its supposed to be inexpensive, but I've never looked at the cost. Maybe you could find it used if it was something you wanted? Another that's mentioned is
There is also apparently some electronic learning games people use, like V-tech.

A few mother's have mentioned that one way they work on cursive is to encourage play with fine motor skills. Small legos, and building, or crafting projects that require small steady hand movements.

Good luck to you, and Rhayn!

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