Simplify with Rhythm

I need two things in my life.

I need rhythm.
I need to know what happens next, because after last year, never knowing what was going on with Will, I want everything to slow down. I want to know what is happening every day, I want to know that on Monday, I will run errands and make a big meal for dinner*. Tuesday is laundry day and maybe I will get the bathrooms cleaned*. Wednesday will be set aside for cleaning the bedrooms*.

I need simplicity.
I am attached to a lot of junk. But I want to detach myself from it. I want our home to be simple and lovely. I need it to be easier to clean. I need to get on top of the cleaning, because right now if I stop and look around at all that really needs to be done, I panic a little. (This goes back to rhythm, too.)

I think if we can manage to work these into our lives fully, we will all be happier. We will be more content. (By the way, Will brought up establishing more rhythm into our lives. I know its something I need, and it helped me so much last year when I couldn't control many aspects of my life.)

*These are just examples, except for Tuesday being laundry day, it is and has been for a few years. Monday would be a good laundry day, but there are usually a lot of other things that need to be done on Mondays.


Kate said...

this might help, i use it sometimes to keep myself in check.


lvh said...

I can totally relate to too much junk in my life. I need to read "Clutter's Last Stand" again and get rid of a bunch of stuff. I think it will be a good opportunity since I haven't seen any of my junk in 5 weeks I've detached myself a little. Hopefully, when I'm unpacking next week, I can look at stuff and using my head not my heart, box it back up, throw it in storage and have a yard sale in a few months. It would sure help to simplify my life.

Amanda said...

This site is (in my opinion) a balanced combination of great advice and hugely annoying.


I have used some of her tips to help reign in control over clutter. I love my things, I can't help it. But I do need to take over every once in a while and cut back.

I love your idea of rhythm. My sister uses this, and she has a crazy clean house. I.... just like the idea. Can't seem to get into the 'actual' rhythm.

Good luck!

hairball said...

i think we should do ginormous yard sale with me, you, bri and maybe parents. We could sell soooooo much junk!!!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

I think i need to set aside days for certain things too.. I tend to just do what needs to be done.. but sometimes get nothing done..

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